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Yesterday was the day! The Vault Collection from Morphe has finally been released after it was pulled June 21, 2018. I just so happen to be one of the lucky ones who lives in Las Vegas, so I was able to pre-order mine and pick it up the day of the Morphe grand opening here June 16, 2018.

Source: Morphe IG

Now, when I first created a look using the Armed and Gorgeous palette, the yellow shade “Access” was very hard to blend out, it was patchy, and just not very pigmented. I ended up having to go over it with an orange shade and hoped for the best. To be honest, all of the palettes just sat on my desk and I never even looked at them again at that point. A few days later, Morphe had announced they were delaying the launch of the MorpheXJaclynHill Vault Collection.
So what about those of us who had received the collection already? Were we stuck with a bad batch? Did we have to risk it being sold out before we could re purchase it? June 22, 2018 Eventbrite had sent out emails to those who purchased The Vault explaining they would be issuing refunds to everybody who purchased the collection. June 27, 2018 Morphe sent out emails including a prepaid shipping label so we could send The Vault back to them in order to receive a new one, plus a little gift when they were released. They had to be sent out by July 16. I sent mine in, and immediately regretted it because
so I couldn’t compare the palettes when I got the new ones in.
b u m m e r.

Fast forward to August 7, 2018, I finally receive an email from Morphe with a tracking number for the new palettes and I was stoked. It was delivered to my door August 9, 2018 and I don’t think I’ve ever ran to the door faster. I learned my lesson from before and I immediately opened everything up, took pictures, and

Immediately, I noticed a difference. The swatches were much more pigmented and a lot more smooth. Soooooo buttery… I was happy to have The Vault collection before it was released. The biggest test for me was to dig in to the Armed and Gorgeous palette again.
I was able to create this look fairly quickly. I probably spent more time blending out the bottom lash line then doing the eye lid to be honest. Everything blending smooth and very easily. The yellow showed up extremely well and there was no patchiness at all. All in all, I can say the formula absolutely has been improved and I can’t wait to create more looks with other palettes. If you are interested in purchasing these, check out Morphe for where they can be purchased. Each individual palette will be $15 and the entire collection will be $49. To find out how I created this look, click here!

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10 thoughts on “MorpheXJaclynHill Vault Collection?

  1. These shadows are so pretty! I’ve seen so many people rave about them, so I’ll definitely have to go and check them out. The look you created was so pretty too. Really lovely post.

  2. I’ve been so excited for this launch! It’s a shame Jaclyn put a bad batch out first, but she does get a pass because she never knew and she’s trying so hard to rectify her mistake. I can’t wait to get my hands on this, the swatches look amazing! I’m such a big Jaclyn Hill fan!

    1. Yes! The first batch was bad. I had a hard time using some of the colors, but now they’re amazing. I can’t wait for her brush set to launch soon!

  3. The beauty of these products too are that they are Cruelty Free! Just looked it up and how wonderful is that? Beauty with no cruelty! Love it and love your post. So great. Makes me wish I was young enough to not look silly with such beautiful ‘looks’.

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